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Mainline Aviation: Where Customization Meets Sky-High Standards

Mainline Aviation story starts in 1992 when the Goldbergs Group acquired a promising bagel shop in the heart of Atlanta, and built a powerful brand that quickly expanded to multiple restaurant locations and even started its own food production operation that together became a staple of culinary craftmanship, quality and hospitality. In 2012, Goldbergs Group ventured beyond those now familiar borders of their eateries and dove into to the bustling world of airport concessions, when they started what was to become a pivotal relationship with one of the busiest Airports in the world. It was this step that laid the groundwork for a significant collaboration with international corporations seeking partners that would help them elevate the culinary experiences in the travel industry for their customers.

The pivot in 2020 was significant; Goldbergs Group and Mainline Foods had already successfully proved themselves valuable partners and reliable service providers, but the time brought unforeseen challenges to the travel industry. It also opened doors for innovation in the supply chain. Thus, Mainline Aviation was conceived, embodying a new mission to elevate the standards of culinary excellence in the travel industry experience. We grasped the opportunity to disrupt the status quo, bidding to extend our services as a premier airline caterer.  


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With a foundation built on innovation, quality, and a vertically integrated operation, we control every aspect of our service, from the sourcing of ingredients to the final delivery aboard.