Nourishing Communities Through Food Donations

At Mainline Aviation, our commitment extends beyond the skies; it reaches into the heart of the communities we serve through our robust food donations program. Guided by the belief that no one should go hungry, our program partners with local food banks and charities to donate surplus meals and ingredients, ensuring that they nourish those in need rather than going to waste. This initiative not only helps combat hunger and food insecurity but also underscores our dedication to sustainability and social responsibility. Through these efforts, Mainline Aviation has become a key player in supporting food relief operations, transforming unused resources into vital community support. Our food donations program is a testament to our holistic approach to business, where giving back is an integral part of our mission, showcasing our commitment to making a difference, one meal at a time.

Impact Highlights

  • Generous Donations Since 2009: Over 200,000 pounds of nutritious, prepared food donated by the Goldbergs Group.
  • Pandemic Response: Provided drivers and vans to continue vital food rescue operations, ensuring community support despite challenging times.
  • Partnership with Mainline Aviation: Since late 2022, contributed to rescuing over 230,000 pounds of food and 28,000 prepared meals.
  • Valuable Contribution: The collective effort valued at over $500,000 by Feeding America, highlighting significant community impact.
  • Sustained Community Support: Demonstrates ongoing commitment to addressing food insecurity and supporting local communities.