R & D


Revolutionizing Inflight Dining Through Research & Development

At Mainline Aviation, our Research & Development is a journey of culinary discovery. We tap into the richness of global cuisine and the specific preferences of our diverse clientele to create meals that are not just satisfying, but also exhilarating. It’s here that the magic begins, where every dish is born from a combination of science, innovation, and a deep passion for gastronomy.

Delivering Culinary Excellence:

  • Trend Analysis: We stay ahead by analyzing global food trends, ensuring we bring the latest culinary innovations to the skies.
  • Passenger Insights: Direct feedback and deep market research guide our menu development for truly personalized dining experiences.
  • Nutritional Engineering: Health and enjoyment go hand-in-hand as we craft nutritionally balanced, delicious meals.
  • Sustainability Focus: Our R&D includes sourcing sustainable ingredients to support environmental stewardship without compromising on taste.
  • Technological Integration: Advanced technology aids our R&D, allowing precision and creativity to blend seamlessly.
  • Collaborative Expertise: We collaborate with top chefs and food scientists, infusing our menus with expert knowledge and global flair.