Refugee program

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A Commitment to Compassion and Progress

At Mainline Aviation, we believe in the power of giving back and making a difference in the global community. That’s why we’re proud to partner with the International Rescue Committee (IRC), an organization dedicated to helping those affected by humanitarian crises. Together, we’re working towards a future where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Our Partnership with IRC

Founded in 1933 at the call of Albert Einstein, the IRC has become a beacon of hope for people in over 50 crisis-affected countries. Their mission aligns with our values of empathy, empowerment, and sustainability. Through our partnership, we aim to contribute to their incredible work, focusing on health, education, and self-reliance, with a keen focus on addressing gender inequalities.

Impact Highlights

In 2022 alone, the collaboration between Mainline Aviation, the IRC, and its partners has reached over 32.9 million individuals in need. Here’s a glimpse of the impact:

  • Healthcare Support: Aiding 3,137 health facilities to provide essential services.
  • Nutrition for the Future: Over 222,278 children under five treated for severe acute malnutrition.
  • Access to Clean Water: Rehabilitating water supplies for 3,490,159 people.
  • Economic Empowerment: Distributing $109,751,532 in cash or vouchers for immediate relief and long-term stability.
  • Education for All: Enrolling 807,853 children and youth in learning programs, ensuring a brighter future.
  • Protection and Support: Offering counseling to 43,814 women survivors of gender-based violence and creating safe spaces for vulnerable children.
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